Saturday, February 14, 2015

Infant Jesus Travels Latest trip in 2015 Chennai To Nagercoil

On Jan 30 2015 made a trip in Infant Jesus Travels to Nagercoil and returned by Infant Jesus travels on Feb 1 2015.

The bookings for the journey was made over phone from Chennai and money was paid in Nagercoil, and on the date of journey the agent called me and confirmed for the booking. Again he made a call and told there is a double booking as we booked in Chennai and Paid in Nagercoil, the Nagercoil agent also booked the seats, so it was 1,2&7, also 9,10&11 were booked for us. Ticket fare 750 rs each in both direction

Then told the agent it is a mixup and cancel one lot of booking, he told next time do not inform both the ends for the booking.

Onward booked in the 8.50pm Koymabedu to Nagercoil service. Left home by 8.30pm and reached Perungalathur by 9.00pm.

There were many omni buses starting from Tambaram they were lined up there, While waiting by 9.15 the second IJT bus came, and i enquired the cleaner he told 8.50 pm service is coming behind.

Then waited and waited as usual, Ajith, TAT, Rathimeena, SRM, KPN, SBLT, Thozhan, AVK, AIrzone, Kallada, Polymer were all moving one after the other.

My bus TN74 AB2070, came at 9.45pm boarded and left in another 10 minutes halted for Vandalur ERANIAMMAN  koil pooja and reached Chengalpet by 10.30pm. Traffic was medium there was a small queue at the toll plaza, then took decent speed and reached Tindivanam tol plaza by 11.15, afterwards it started to speed in its usual self, the driver was maintaining 100 -107 kmph as seen in the GPS.

Usually there will be one bio break at CGL, this time there was no stopping and raced, movie all in all azaghu raja was on the video, hopeless movie only portion where ms bhaskar comes that portion made me laugh wildly.

There were many overtakes and running at a good speed, kallada multi was overtaken and at 2.30 pm it stopped at viralimalai for a biobreak at the Balaji Arya hotel, here Annai travels, Kallada also joined.
Break was for 15 minutes then started and the driver also changed, second driver also maintained good speed but he would not accelerate quickly, opposite IJT crossed at the viralimalai toll plaza, Hebron sleeper bus crossed here.

Then as usual a stupid fellow on the first row started talking to his friend on the cellphone, it was so loud and annoying he was disturbing the sleep. couldn't tolerate after some time shouted at him to switch off the phone, the idiot continued chatting with his fellow friend in a loud manner till Tirunelveli. (His accent and flow was crude but he wanted to show off as if like vadivelu he is also a rowdy, his conversation went like this, Majjan (for machhan he couldnt get it properly) then uurragadam for oragadam, he was mentioning about himself or somene good for nothing working in makkal tv appearing in sun tv  and raj tv.

I was on the third row and there was another fellow traveller of the first row sitting on the second row, dont know this fellow what he took for his dinner after Melur this fellow emptied his contents by vommitting spraying the entire RHS of the bus and the stench was horrible, dont know what he took for his dinner anything other than food.

Entered Madurai town took Kamrajar road South Veli street and joined Thiruparankundram road and continued on to Virudhunagar. With sleep spoiled i had to sit and tolerate these nonsense uttering and the foul smell.

At Kayathar filled the diesel a complete 298 litres, i think there is no refill at the Chennai end. At that time the cleaner saw the RHS spoiled by this fellow and cursed him. those thick skinned idiots will take anything he showed no reaction.

Reached Tirunelveli around 5.45am and unloading of parcels continued for 30 minutes, then reached Junction, Vannarapet and new busstand.

Driver changed at Tirunelveli and reached Nagercoil by 7.45 am.

The bus has covered almost 6.80lakh kilometres there was not much rattling and suspension was also good. Except for the fellows who spoiled my sleep the journey was otherwise good.

Return Journey started on Feb 1, by the 6.45pm Bus. Bus was there when we reached the Vadasery bus stand by 6.35pm, there were about 10 people on the bus, bus started by 6.50pm this time it was TN 74 AC 2070, the odo was showing 6.99lakh kilometres Rathimeena two sleepers were waiting, Tippu sulthan and Universal were calling for passengers. Renugambal Nagercoil to Vellore Volvo was ready, Bethlehem left 10 minutes ahead of us.

The agent told the trivandrum Chennai service is their fourth service starts by 9.15pm at both side.

Halted at Thovalai for garland, Muppandhal for kaanikai,Kavallkinaru for the church prayer, once touched the 4 lane at kavalkinaru raced like anything and reached Tirunelveli by 8.25pm,
We chased and overtook Bethlehem near Sengulam, there was a huge queue of buses waiting, we stopped for 5 minutes and left immediately but halted at their parcel office from 8.50 to 9.25 for loading plaintain leaves bundles on top. Entire top was filled up then left.

It halted at new Saravanabhavan hotel after Kovilpatti i think the hotel was neat and clean and toilet were free to use and maintained properly. we had our packed dinner, Driver change happened and bus was to start but as usual 2 fellows were missing, the cleaner went to the hotel and brought them.

At Nagercoil cleaner was filling the water bottle saw in the luggage compartment two big vessels, may be they will cook at chennai to eat. The vessel was big enough for cooking almost 4 kg of rice i was surprised by the size.

Movie was on it was Jaihind 2. Didnt watch it, but in that movie in one scene thre will be a public interview it was taken in CMBT and Infant Jesus bus will be in the back ground. I thought that is the reason that movie was played. Tired had a good sleep, at samayapuram toll it halted for a bio break for drivers, but driver change didnt happen. There was a mirror in the cabin at the LHS door, from my seat i can see the mirror and can watch the happenings in the driver cabin. After that it was non stop reached Chengalpet around 5.15 am and reached Chromepet by 6.15 am.


  1. I think when you travel in public transport, you have lot of stuff to write. After reading your three recent blogs, I feel so. The other two blogs have more photos than text.

    BTW, how do you remember all the place names, various timelines, travels' name, etc. Do you note down now and then?

  2. Hakeem, thanks for the compliment, i note down all these things in a paper so as to include in the blogs.
    While travelling in bus, all along i am awake noting down the timing at the toll plazas. Even if i am asleep, the stoppage or the ride over the speed breaker at the toll plaza automatically wakes me up

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