Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chitradurga Visit

Visited Chitradurga from Chennai on a 2 days visit.
Took Bangalore Highway Nice road to Tumkur and Nh 4 till Chitradurga.
All along road was good.
Visited hampi temple, it was closed

Food was horrible in Chitradurga and kamt upachar avoid at any cost

From Chennai started at 9.30 am reached Bangalore by 2 pm had lunch at a punjabi dhaba after neelamangala hope less food continued on NH 4 reached Chitradurga by 6.30 pm, went around and around searching hotel location finally located near to bus stand Hotel Amogha, not at all good hotel rates were exhorbitant.

Dinner went outside the market to look for a good restaurant drew a blank. food options were horrible at Chitradurga

Return started from Chitradurga at 7.15 am for breakfast stopped at a Kamat Upachar  after Hiriyur food was not at all tasting good, Pongal had a Cucumber raita as a complement, worst combination dont know which cook suggested that combo, should make him eat 2 plates of hi shotel pongal to take a revenge, reached bangalore sround 11.15 at Nice road, crossed Hosur by 12.30 pm Vellore by 2 pm and reached Chennai by 4.30pm

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