Monday, November 10, 2014

Stayzilla, stay away from their jilla of operation

Had a tour plan of Namakkal, and have seen the baggage tag at airports carrying a name, so thought of trying and booked for a room with their website in the hotels listed.

After booking for a room at Namakkal, they send a email your Mamallapuram room stay is not available,
They informed within 2.50 hours you will receive your booking voucher, nothing came, they told since the hotel selected by me was not available they offered another hotel name, i told over the phone to the executive to make the booking, one day earlier to my day of stay.

I get no confirmation, when i contacted them on the date of travel, they are comfortably asking whether i have confirmed for the alternate stay proposal..

The booking was made through internet, they collected 30 rs as fee and told it will be deducted in the room charges, but the hotel refused that they do not have such an arrangement with stayzilla.

Beware and stay away, never ever pay the online payment for stayzilla for the voucher is not at all entertained at the hotel.

Here is the feedback reply from my side.

i am sorry to say this, but your service needs more improvement, twice i had to talk to different customer care to assure my booking, and each time they use to ask whether you want to confirm the booking, what else i would contact you, do i have a relationship with the customer care executive.\

There was a response email, i had asked for the booking in Namakkal, the reply ws stating at mamallapuram there is no hotel room available on the day.

THe hotel i had seen on your website listing was not having rooms it seems but the web booking time it was displaying rooms were available.

The ohm sakthi lodge less said the better if this is the rooms you put it for booking, word abysmal will have a better meaning.

THe service rooms, and washrooms were pathetic is a better word i dont want to use here it was worse than that.
The 31 rs i paid on the website through credit card was not at all taken in to the account, they collected full money from me.

When i told stayzilla, they were asking me what is stayzilla, when i told about the voucher and 31rs discount, they had a good laugh.

WIll surely recommend my friends and others to stay away from stayzilla.

totally dissatisfied with your service.

never ever will try it

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