Saturday, July 18, 2015

Devikapuram Periyanayagi Amman Temple Visit

On 18-07-2015, Visited Devikapuram Periyanayagi Amman temple located near Chetpet.
Started from home at 7 am and took Mudichur, Vandalur, Kancheepuram , Vandavasi, Chetpet, Devikapuram. reached at 10.15 am.

At Mudichur road Outer ring road junction one culvert work is in progress no proper diversion, again at Mudichur road Vandalur Kanchipuram road intersection one more culvert work is going on without proper diversion road or proper signage boards.

From Walajabad to Kanchipuram the divided carriageway is not present and the vehicles move in a leisurely manner the white staff bus and mahindra vans ensure no one is made to overtake on this road.
Took the military road towards vandavasi road connection, the road is made with patches which are atleast 5 cm higher than existing road all through the 6 km road it is bumpy ride.

From sevilimedu to Vandavasi road  after few kilometres the Thiruvannamalai road division starts, this stretch has not seen any maintenance, take left , take right travel in middle all over the road craters and potholes are there with the only intention to break the suspension.

Saw many vehicles with flat tyre or breakdown on the way.

Vandavasi has a bypass to reach the Polur road but there are no sign boards to take this road diversion, on nearing Vandavasi there will be a HP petrol Pump take a right turn here this is the bypass road.

Vandavasi to Devikapuram road is rough many patch work but can drive on this road unlike the kanchipuram vandavasi road.
 Kanchipuram to Vandavasi Road Condition
Craters and Potholes

 Kanchipuram to Sevilimedu Road
 Inside Periyanayagi amman Temple Devikapuram
 Temple Gopuram 

Vandavasi Chetpet Road somewhat in fair condition

MIlitary Road Kanchipuram to Vandavasi road connecting road the patches are high above the surrounding road

Reached Devikapuram by 10.15 am we were the ones inside the temple had a good darshan, went around the temple the sculptures and stone carvings were astonishing.

Deity was resplendant, decked with silver kavasam, it was a delight to view the Periyanayagi amman.
Temple has two gopurams, one flagmast and navagraham bairavar, murugan ganapathy and Arumugham sannidhis.

Had a nice time and started to home by on the Oragadam Apollo flyover towards tambaram direction on the approach to the flyover and while coming down the flyover two huge speed breakers are present but no sign boards to warn the vehicles.
Have to be careful not to maintain the speed. within the short distance and the down gradient makes it impossible to bring to a halt without hitting the speed breaker. Will the Highways department remove the speed breakers. It was put when the flyover was done on one side only and vehicles were using it on both ways, now two directional flyover is ready but the officers have failed to remove the speed humps.

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