Thursday, August 21, 2014

Chennai to Madikeri

A long trip was overdue, was planning with my friend for the various options and the weekend stay getaway available.

Finalised for the Pollachi Valparai trip on May 1, and accordingly got the room bookings made at the Pollachi hotel, and my friend was arranging for the Topslip forest safari and stay, all seemed to be well, days before the journey Topslip was visited by some VIP and all others who made the bookings were cancelled.

Then planned for a trip to Madikeri to see Talacauvery on the Independence day weekend. Here too various options were explored like staying in Srirangapatna, or stay at Madikeri and finally got a Home stay at madikeri and it was decided to proceed to Madikeri on 15th August 2014.

Morning my friend started from Chennai at 4 am and I started from home at 4.30 am, plan was to meet at any toll plaza or a restaurant during the breakfast, friend raced and he was at Shoolagiri A2B by 8 am, we reached there by 8.30 am and what a rush the parking (a huge lot) was almost full and there was a huge queue to the wash rooms and to the restaurant.

Waited in the queue patiently for about 30 minutes to order and collect the breakfast, fininshed and started by 9 .15am towards Bangalore reached Nice road and paid 155rs wrongly to take the Kanakapura exit, and drove to reach Shiavasamudram falls by 12. 30 pm. There too it was a huge rush, but falls was in full fury, it was a delight to see the waterfall gushing out in full force and raising the water dust / mist. The water flow was like flowing milk.

Then had our lunch at 2 pm and left for the Barachukki falls which was completely choked with cars, sensing a huge traffic jam immediately reversed and left for Mysore onward to Madikeri.
Had a sugarcane juice near to the Barachukki falls it was natural without ice and it was so sweet, one cup was not enough.

Proceeded through Malavalli towards Mysore the roads were bad and there were numerous speed breakers reached Mysore around 5 pm and easily took the exit to Hunsur Periyapatna Madikeri route luckily for us the Mysore traffic and oneway was daunting so much, easily exited.
On the way to Mysore stopped near periyapatna to have some jackfruit, it was average in taste.
Then came the climb up to Madikeri, the last 35 km is somewhat a mountainous terrain, it was dark  and raining somehow managed to drive through the twisties and reached Madikeri Homestay by 7.45 pm. Completing a 649  km drive.

The rooms were not so great, found a restaurant and took dinner. My friend reached around 9.30 pm.

Next day proceeded to Talcauvery to see the source of cauvery, here too it was 35 km hilly terrain climb up and reaching Talacauvery found out it is a purely commercial place, no relation of whatsoever to Cauvery river, there is no stream or fall or tributary originating or flowing from Talacauvery to suggest the river flows from there.

No local people or fervor found in the temple premises, it looked like a weekend getaway, fully packed with vehicles, people of all hues and colourful costumes shouting and loitering aimlessly.

There is no public transport to Talacauvery, the buses stop in Bhagmandala and from there it is deep jungle mountain drive for another 8 km to be travelled. To have people look at the river and to touch the water it is at Bhagmandala there is a some water flowing stream which they claim it as trivenisangam. No good hotel or restaurant is available in the entire stretch, had food at a roadside restaurant around 4.30 pm. Overall the climate is very good and it appears like the entire place is airconditioned at 18 degrees.

Total of 90 km drive and it rained heavily in the evening. Planned to visit the Elephant yard and Raja’s seat view point but rain spoiled it.

Madikeri is a place where there are not enough roads but the vehicles come and accumulate here in large numbers, at any place one need to crawl for 15 minutes without any reason to cross at any intersection or narrow roads the traffic is absolutely clueless where to go, all motorcycles ride triples no indicator is used.

On 17th started from Madikeri by 10 am and took the route to Mangalore instead of Mysore after travelling about 30 km found it, returned to Madikeri and took the Mysore road reached Mysore ring road at 2 pm and had lunch, then started via Malahalli towards Kanakapura and at Kanakapura made a mistake to take the Anekal road to reach Athipalli, the road was completely broken, deserted with no habitation and also it was passing through Bannergatta  national park there were sign boards of elephant crossing, after lot of trouble took the Anekal hosur road and touched NH7 at Hosur around 6.15 pm this 35 km driving was a real adventure with lot of off road driving involved.

A word of caution never ever take this Anekal Hosur road.

From Hosur till Vaniyambadi it was heavy rain, visibility was poor and some how reached Ambur by 8 pm to collect Biriyani, took from Star briyani but it was tasting like tomato rice sprinkled with mutton pieces,  no spices whatsoever, no colour, no taste absolute waste, never ever will go for this Ambur briyani and that too mutton briyani was over at that time. A wasteful expenditure.

Started again and Chennasamudram toll plaza was filled with vehicles in all lanes slowly moved and came out after 20 minutes of stop go situation.
Roads were bad after this Toll plaza and reached Nokia plant to take the Tambaram Mudichur road and reached home by 10.15 pm.

Completed 638 km ride very tiring.

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