Sunday, March 09, 2014

Pillayarpatti Trip

On 8-3-14 Saturday had a marathon trip, visit to Pillyarpatti temple and back to home a total of 876 km run in a day.
Returning there was a big traffic jam from Chengalpet to Tambaram lost 1.50 hours.

Morning started from home at 4.30am sharp as initially known it will be a long drive. Hence started early to finish soon and return home on time.

Morning fog greeted us for the drive till Villupuram then slowly sunrise started and roads were becoming lit.
Searched for morning breakfast started from Perambalur onwards there was not a restaurant worth stopping, continued after Trichy and near to Viralimalai saw a roadside hotel Balaji Aryas opened on 3-3-14 only, as it was new the hotel was looking sparkling clean service was good had a good breakfast and contimued to Kottampatty turned  towards Singampunari Thirupathur and finally reached Pillayarpatti at 10.30 am.
Temple was less crowded and had a good vacant space for car parking. No hazzle of parking charges and the temple surrounding were neatly maintained.

Inside Pillayarpatti temple had a good darshan no rush no jostling, peacefully prayed to god and went to Kundrakudi murugan temple,  this temple is under renovation but Muruga was glowing in splendour with vibuthi alangaram, and in the foothill of Kundrakudi there is also palani murugan temple. We planned to proceed to Palani also, but had the Darshan here itself. In this temple at the temple ceiling all the Zodiac signs are beautifully carved, a delight to watch.

Then went to Puthanatham for dress purchase the usual shop was closed returned disappointed, took dress from another shop. This place is hotspot for readymade garment manufacturing, a sleepy village but buzzing with activity.

On travelling to Puthanatham on the single lane road had a near miss on a curvy road.

Had lunch at Manaparai Kurinji hotel food was good. Surprise of the lot without any expectation and the deceptive looking hotel entered hesitantly, but food was really tasty  and wholesome.

Purchased the famous manapparai murukku, last time we were searching for the shop selling murukku, this time it was a big kitchen itself we found making hot murukus and selling like hot cakes the murukku disappeared from the stall very soon,  afterwhich started journey back home from Manapparai. at around 3pm and reached home by 7.45 pm

What a drive mostly empty roads except the Chengalpattu Tambaram stretch. Roads were good at many places Kottampatti to Pillayarpatti road damaged at many places no proper signage indicating the way to the temple. However didnt lose our way.
KM post for the distance covered

Nearer to Ulundurpet toll plaza

At near to Viralimalai

Drive towards Viralimalai

The Distance covered so far till Kottampatti

What a paradox, latest fasion being sold at a shop whose name is???

Pillyarpatti temple Gopuram

Temple with tank Pillyarpatti

In this road only on a curve a speeding Eicher van came head on

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