Friday, November 22, 2013

Nokia Lumia 520, Phone to stay away smart phone without the smartness

Bought the Nokia Lumia 520 phone on 21-11-13, as usual the Nokia R&D team is either not aware of the earlier phone features or they simply ignore them, i think a new set of team who have never used a cellphone comes in and develops a new phone, Why this fanfare for a window phone when the basic phone has all the features, Do the developers themselves use the lumia phone i doubt???

I am not able to locate these features. (If the attached manual didnt have a mention about these features what on world Nokia thinks a user will be able to locate, search in an android phone and fnd them!!!!)

1 Ringing volume adjustment ascending tone, which was a common feature earlier not to be found
2 Grouping of contacts and assigning a Group ringtone, where is it, i cannot go on allotting individual's with ringtone option,
3 Silent mode which is so common in all mobile Nokia where have kept it
4 Playlist selection and adding how to do it
5 Delivery reports of the sms use to go to a separate folder in this feature rich phone it comes in the inbox, Nokia which developer disabled this feature ask him to send a group sms with 520 and then let him check his inbox for the replies
6 Speed dials, where is this hidden, can't bring it as a tile and keep in the opening page old phones had 9 speed dials, where to place 9 dials
7 many are still complaining whether radio is present or not, even if it is present does it provide stereo playback, Nokia what did you save by disabling stereo
8 Applications once started how to quit them, no button option is there to quit and come out, whether those applications run in the background or shutdown by themself??? how does one come to know?
9 Side buttons volume , power and camera without any inscription, what prevents them from printing the switches name, even the lift switches come with engraving
10 Battery it didnt last for me for 6 hours also, huge let down, though the talk time would have been only 35 minutes on that day
11 Voice recorder, is not there
12 Headset should have the feature to switch to next song, next FM station, where is it
Overall i would say Nokia you have to go a long way, this is not a smart phone, by using it,  in searching the features we are only becoming smart.
Better to avoid this phone


  1. 3 pin charger, cannot use it with a 2 pin power socket
    File manager nowhere it is to be seen
    Stopwatch, split lap timing, searching for it not to be found
    Contacts copy / save to Sim or Phone not present

  2. camera zoom option not able to locate, i am not even able to find the so common features found in basic phones not made available in this Smart phone.

    Music player has no equalizer settings

  3. Today 27-11-13 within a week of purchase it happened, the phone display went blank, no response to any of the touch, hence tried to switch it off, Lumia does not have a switch off button, the screen display you have to slide to switch it off, the worst thing the display went off, the slide to switch off was not at all sliding, it was there for some 20 minutes, not knowing what to do, finally removed the battery, then the phone came to life again.
    THe phone battery does not even last for 4 hours, mind you i am mentioning about the talk time alone not using any application,
    IF map application is on, the phone shuts down within 90 minutes. SO no way of utilising their navigation application if your destination takes more than 2 hours of travel.
    Really got a good feel of NOKIA, what it is famous for, do you still brag that your phones are good.

  4. latest update on 27-12-15 the phone displayed a message boot file missing and refuses to switch on. now complete e waste.
    Repent for purchased this phone


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